How I Came Across Hearthstone Domination

Hi guys, this is PhiBu! So a few days back the Heartstone beta ended. I´ve played it continously and now play the Finished game. Some day i played against a player several times. And lost all of them. I asked him how he´s developed so good in a so short amount of time. He just said“Google Hearthstone Domination :)” My first thought was wow what a cheesy name… Anyways we went on and i still lost, no matter what.

Skeptical, and a little grounded, I went and checked it out! Flashy sales letter, hearthstone theme, you know everything a player could ever want. So as I am sort of immature it appealed to the 9 year old part of me. Lame right?

It was $16 sort of pricy for a game course BUT can’t put a price on learning new things (especially when they pay themselves off) I went ahead and purchased it.

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Was IT Worth It?

So I went into this course with the state of mind that it would be complete utter crap. (This is a good habit by the way because you’ll never be let down BUT if things are actually good you’re left feeling great and surprised) I was the latter. I couldn’t be more impressed with the format everything is put and how easy it is to use the system that the course will be teaching you to win nearly every single game.

I can’t say SPECIFICALLY how much this course has helped me… But this is what happened shortly after:

Becoming an Arena Legend


Hearthstone Domination is an excellent course with easy to implement systems. It’s will save you time and if you apply it then it will without a doubt make you becoming the arena legend you want to become. I’d recommend it for anyone at any skill level. If you like ruling the arena in Hearthstone this one is going to help. Already good in the Arena? Well you’ll enjoy the extra boost like I am.

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